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9/6 Split
The Pacific Princess crossed Punta Della Maestra, Point Rt Kamenjak, the small island of Susak, and Ancona off the coast of Italy- continuing our passage inside the Adriatic Sea. We crossed the small island of Mulijca, passing the narrow passage between the islands of Drevenik and Murvic. Abeam of the Otocic Galera and entered the Splitski Kanal. At 11:01 our Pilot was on board and the vessel set a northerly course crossing the breakwater and shortly a final easterly course toward our terminal where we were safely moored at 12:30.
At 18:00 all pre-departure checks were completed and Pacific Princess was ready to sail. The Pacific Princess entered the Splitski channel and passed the narrow passage of Splitska krat. We set a southwesterly course and entered the Viski channel, proceed with a southerly course passing between the island of Otok Susak and Otok Lastovo.

9/7 At Sea
The Pacific Princess was abeam of Capo di Torre di Cavallo and entered the Strait of Otranto. At 07:30 the vessel was abeam of Capo d'Otranto on our starboard, then Capo di Santa Maria di Levacca and throughout the entire day followed a southwesterly course crossing Kerkyra, Corfu. The Pacific Princess crossed the Island of Nisos Kefallina and Nisos Zakinthos. During the night Pacific Princess was abeam of Nisidhes Strofadhes Island.

9/8 At Sea
The Pacific Princess passed abeam of Nisos Gavadhos, and the Mythical Island of Kriti, Crete. One of the thirteen peripheries of Greece. It is also the largest of the Greek islands at and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean.
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