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Since getting a digital SLR in June of 2008, I've rediscovered the fun and frustration of photography. The galleries below contain links to my public photos. Plenty of my photographs can be found using the Zenfolio Search function. (Magnifying Glass above) I try to write complete descriptions and keywords on my photos, so that they can be easily found.

If you'd like to use my photograph(s) - I try to set everything to be easy to download, but if you run into issues or want to use my work commercially - please contact me.



  • Aviation: I've been interested in aerospace since I was a kid. This gallery contains the various Airshow I've attended and many trips to the Fargo Air Museum. My friend Bob Nelson attended many airshows with me. Some of those photos are here, some are found in the Links menu. I cover the Airshows in detail in my PhotoBlog (see above).
  • Bison Football: From 2012-2021 we had season tickets. I've photographed most of the NDSU home games. We're in the second row of the end-zone so I'm close enough to get some good photos. Also see my Hoofbeat blog in the Bison menu.
  • Friends & Family: This gallery contains recent personal photos. If you're looking for photos of friends and family contact me.
  • Tractors, Classic: The Western Minnesota Steam Thresher Reunion (WMSTR) in Rollag. I've attended off and on since 1970. Also some other old 'classic' transportation photos.
  • Yard & Garden: My mother spent much of the spring/summer planting flowers and taking care of her yard. Each gallery is a year in flowers and plants. Since her passing in 2020, I've taken over the gardens.
  • Zoo: Animals, animals, and more animals.

Zenfolio has changed their gallery policy so many older galleries are now in their Archive. It's easy to see them, but you do have to wait for their servers to reload them. In my experience anywhere from an hour to a day.

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