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My uncle, Gene Maas, and I arrived at Rollag at 7:15AM. Except for the gale force wind it was a nice day.  The wind seemed to die down as the day progressed or we got used to leaning at a thirty degree angle. We caught the 10 AM Parade. The highlight for me was the working Horse Farm. I've been to the WMSTR four times previously and have never gone over to the horse farm. There is too much to see in one day. Gene posed with all the tractors that were on his father's farm. (Walter Maas) We took a ride around the grounds on the WMSTR Railroad before leaving at 3:30 PM- I was hot 94º F and the smoke, dust, and wind had taken its toll.
WMSTR SunriseFirst Run Of The DayWindmill Over The EngineNichols-Shepard Oil-Gas TractorWheels Inside of WheelsGene's Big WheelPretty Green Rumley1917 International 8-16 Kerosene TractorGaar-Scott TigerWorking On The Gaar ScottRow of TractorsThree Wheel TractorInternation 8-16 HPCase VAC TractorMini Rumley Oil Pull TractorEngine 353IH PickupPitching OatesBig Case Eagle Looks Over Mini Case EquipmentMedium Size Steam Engine

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