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9/11 Ashdod
The Pacific Princess crossed the last breakwater on our starboard side and proceeded alongside our terminal where we were safely moored at 06:41.
At 20:06, we re-tracing our steps from the morning before, Once clear, the vessel entered the Buoy channel with a northwesterly course towards Haifa.

9/12 Haifa
In the early morning Pacific Princess passed abeam of Rosh Ha Karmel Pointand. We were safely moored at 07:15.
At 19:36, the Pacific Princess departed her berth re-tracing her steps and entered the Mifraz Hefa Bay. At 20:15 the vessel crossed Har Karmel Point on the our port side.

9/13 At Sea
In the early morning Pacific Princess was abeam of the big Island of Cyprus on our starboard side. At 20:24 we passed abeam of AK Prasson (Nisos Rodhos Island) the Vrak Kandheloussa Island at 23:24.
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