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This folder contains photos of myself, along with my friends and family. (For privacy they contain no minors- you need to email me for an invite for those photos.)
Craig Maas Goes NuclearSelf Portrait With LED LightingBob Machines A Panorama MountKaron With GiftNathan With GiftRay In Hospital BedChar Waits BedsideCraig By The FireplaceSelf Portrait From AboveCraig Has Bison SpiritBob's Newest eBay AcquisitionBob At Taco BellBob In WahpetonBob With B25 MitchellBarb Rawling & Lucy Heisler At The Gathering Grounds In PerhamChar & Beth Rogness At The Gathering Grounds In PerhamBarb Rawling & Lucy Heisler Peak Between The LeavesChar At The WheelCraig At Godfathers In HatCraig At Godfathers In Hat

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