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Char couldn't take the cold weather this winter so decided to visit her cousin Gene Maas and his wife Norma in Riverside California. Usually I never hear from mom until she returns, but she brought her iPad on this trip and she sent me a bunch of short emails.

My flight to California went very well. Gene and Norma arrived at the airport just as by luggage came off the carousel. They took me to lunch at a steakhouse called Spunky Steer which was excellent. Their new home is very large and beautiful. The landscaping is amazing with 11 rose bushes, lemon and tangelo trees. The view from their home is spectacular! We watched two red hawks soar over their backyard today. We are hanging out today. Gene is going to put me to work washing windows: the whole length of the back of the house are patio windows with a deck on the other side that runs the length of the house.

I am not washing windows today. (I'm) setting outside with my coffee and a fresh tangelo off Gene's tree. Went for a walk earlier. Temperature is 71 and sunny with mild breeze. This is living.

A tangelo is a cross of a tangerine and grapefruit. Looks much like an orange but with a little pointed end. It was very sweet and had lots of seeds.
It is another beautiful day. I am heading outside with my coffee to soak up the sun.
"I felt like I was sitting on a 747 plane preparing to land in LA because with all his windows and Riverside's lights at night plus he sits at the edge of a high hill. The view at night is spectacular.
Jeff and Kristi are coming over for dinner tonight.

Today's temperature will be 76; yesterday was 74. Predictions are for rain and 60's beginning Wednesday thru the weekend.
Friday night Jeff, Kristi and Ethen came over for dinner. They are busy packing. They move into a home they purchased after renting this past year. Saturday Gene took me to the new house which we could only see the outside of but will return later this week for an inside tour. Saturday we went shopping for flowers to put in Gene's yard. I planted them after church yesterday.
Norma and I are going to lunch this noon with ladies from her church. We are going to Tin Lizzys which is fun.
Tomorrow Gene and I will wash all the windows in his house. It is time to grab my coffee and sit outside in the sun.

At 9am it is 58 and cloudy. Guess the rain is moving in. We finished washing all the windows yesterday so it stands to reason it should rain. This afternoon Gene and Norma are meeting with a contractor regarding an addition Gene is putting on this house. I am going with Norma tonight to her circle meeting. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the movie "Monument Men".

Yesterday's rain was very short lived and the day became warm and sunny. We went to "Monuments Men" and thoroughly enjoyed it. After the movie we went to a Mexican Restaurant called Peppitos. That was the best chimichonga I have ever had. We stopped at Jeff's office before the movie.
It is raining now and it sounds like it will be an all day event. Gene talked to Ron this morning. They are having a heavy rain; their back yard is flooded. Ron and Charlotte are coming this way on the way to their mountain home so we are meeting them for lunch.

It is currently 55 and raining. The rain is supposed to move out tomorrow. Gene and I made abelskivers for breakfast this morning. We will just hang out today.

It was beautiful here yesterday. Today we awoke to heavy fog which had partially lifted but the air is a little cool. Gene thinks I should change my ticket and fly home Sunday as the family is set to gather to welcome Larry & CeeCee visiting from Nevada.

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